Motor Bad Mood: A New Way to Express Road Rage

A few weeks ago, Man Joan shared with me a Kickstarter campaign entitled “MotorMood”. The tagline reads: A better way to say thanks on the road. It’s a remote controlled happy face that adheres to your rear window. When you want to say thanks, just press the remote (clipped to your sun visor) and the happy face lights up.

Motor Mood

I think it’s a rather clever device for more effectively expressing feelings while driving, but where I differ from the creator is the type of feeling expressed.

Obviously, for anyone who knows me and my daily bout of road rage, a happy face is the last thing I want to be flashing to other drivers. And I assume, as I often do, most people would rather express road rage than gratitude.

Take road rage and combine it Motor Mood, you get Motor Bad Mood: A New Way to Express Road Rage.

I’ve come up with two simple yet emotive expressions for the Motor Bad Mood. First – an angry face. Even better, let’s ironically flash an initially happy face, and then turn it into an angry face. Why not confound the other driver(s) first and then anger them?

Motor Bad Mood_Face

Second, and this is when you REALLY want to express your rage, let’s take advantage of the universal language of the bird and add some motion to REALLY get your point across.

Motor Bad Mood_Fingers
Add some motion to your emotion.

To utilize the Motor Bad Mood, just follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Cut off the idiot that cut you off (or the idiot driving 70 miles an hour in the fast lane with no traffic, or the idiot driving a high-performance car like it’s a mini-van, or the idiot speeding forward just so you can’t merge, or a Prius driver…just to name a few).
  2. Press the remote once to flash the angry face, or twice to flip the bird (if you accidentally pressed the remote twice, no biggie, as you probably meant to flip the idiot driver off anyway).
  3. Rejoice in your rage.
  4. While rejoicing, brake check the idiot driver who is now behind you and is either confused or angry.
  5. Speed away.

And make sure you speed away as the other driver might also have a Motor Bad Mood and inflict its power on you!

The Motor Mood campaign was cancelled by the creators a few days ago. I can’t help but ponder whether a Motor Bad Mood version might acquire more backers.

Disclaimer: The Motor Bad Mood is in no away associated with the Motor Mood (nor do the creators condone my bastardization of their product).
I downloaded an EPS file of the middle finger from Freepik. Icons made by Freepik from is licensed by CC BY 3.0

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