Holiday Games: Holiday Cards with a Little Fun!

Every so often, I like to design Christmas cards. Well, there some friends whose presence I would not be graced by until after Christmas, thus I also designed some New Year cards this year.

For the year 2014, I wanted to do something fun and interactive. The idea of a game instantly came to mind.

Ask me for drinks on a Saturday night and you can expect an unabashed “no, thanks.” Ask me to play Cranium, UNO, Speed, or GTA on the same night, and you might just get a “yes”. Anyhow, since I love games so much, I assume everyone else will as well. At first I thought of doing a short joke for every card, but it would be in the form of a coded message. Blank spaces would be coded with numbers that correspond to the alphabet. But after coding these jokes, I realize that it took forever for me to code, and would take forever for someone to decode – despite the fact that the coding system was really elementary (a = 1, b = 2, etc.).

Alphabet Shadows_front
card front
Alphabet Shadows_back
card back

Then I thought of crossword puzzles. Thus began the search for “create your own” crossword puzzle. But I needed to find festive answers for the crossword puzzle.

So, I thought why not make the answers form certain words within jokes – thus the game would be two-fold. First, solve the crossword puzzle, then use the answers to fill in the blanks to solve the joke.

Thus began my search for Christmas and New Year jokes. You would think this would be an easy task but New Year jokes (not NYE jokes) are a rarity. Thus, for the second part of the New Year card, I settled on a verse from one of my favorite poems – In Memoriam.

Christmas card_post
Christmas Card
New Year Card_for post
New Years Card

A total of 15 Christmas and New Year cards were handed out. I have only received 2 finished cards thus far. The moral of the story: people are lazy. Or perhaps I just need to accept that most people would say yes to drinks and an unabashed “no thanks” to games.

Finished Card
Finished Card

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